Here at 1Funryd Performance, I specialize in bringing quality aftermarket sportcompact products to the small communities that have sought the bigger brand support for many years. I personally know what it feels like to call up a business and ask them "Do you carry this part for my car?" and have them throw it back in your face with a big fat NO!

I started out with that same answer everywhere I turned, until one day I decided, it's time to take action. I organized my community and brought their buying power to the manufacturers, and proposed a product that we wanted made with the spending power of that community.

I am here for you! I will work hard to get the products that you want made for your small community. If you give me your trust and patience, I can find that happy middle ground between the customer (you) and the manufacturer. And together we will make it happen. I have proven I can do it, all I need is your support and trust.

Let me know how I can help you meet your aftermarket goals. It’s your Ryd!

Project Manager & Owner,
Sean Tydingco